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Stolen from =BustiNinja

[] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend. (according to all my friends, but I don't think so)
[x] You have your own room.
[x] You own a cell phone.
[x] You have an ipod/ mp3 player.
[x] Your parents are still married together. (no idea how long this is going to last)
[] You have more than 2 best friends.
[] There is a swimming pool in your backyard
Total so far: 4

[x] You dress how you want to.
[] You hang out with friends more than once a week. (hardly ever)
[x] There is a computer/ laptop in your room.
[] You have never been beaten up
[x] You never cry more than twice a month.
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room is big enough for you.
[x] People don't use you for something you have.
[x] You have been to a concert. (fake Beatles, AWESOME)
Total so far: 11

[x] You have over 50 friends on Facebook.
[x] Your parents let you have a Facebook.
[] You get an allowance.
[] You collect something normal. (nope, stone turtles, and occasionally animal skulls)
[] You look forward to going to school.
[x] You don't wish you were someone else. (most of the people I know or admire I would never want to be them)
[x] You play a sport
[x] You do something after school.  
Total so far: 16

[] You own a car.
[] You usually don't fight with your parents.
[x] You are happy with your appearance.
[x] You aren't self-conscious at all.
[] You have never got a failing grade in your life.
[x] You have friends.
Total so far: 19

[] You know what is going on in the world. (Nope blissfully ignorant)
[x] You care about so many people.
[x] You are happy with your life.
[] You know more than one language.
[x] You have a screen name.
[x] You own a pet
[] You know the words to 5 songs
[] You don't have any enemies (It's a long list... full of discrepancies)
[] You are a generally nice person (it pains me greatly)
Total: 23

Multiply by 3...

I am apparently 69% happy..... makes sense.
  • Listening to: "Little Talks" Of Monsters and Men
  • Reading: This Question.
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Drinking: Capri Sun Strawberry Kiwi


United States
An interesting quote:
"A Necessary Evil" I don't have that good of an idea what that means but is sounds interesting and cool.

Favourite genre of music: Punk/ J-Rock or J-Pop
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Rukia Kuchiki
Personal Quote: "Necessary Evil"

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I like your art bro
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Thank you for the fave of my 'Joan Jett' drawing :D
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Thanks for faving [link] !!!
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can i make some fanart for you?
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Sure... Thanks
ShadowCharzard1 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
who do you wan tme to draw ^ ^
The-reluctant-POET Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
Doesn't really matter to me, whatever you want
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Thank you so much for the +watch!
I really appreciate it c:
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